Generate A Report

How to Generate a Report:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click or tap Reports. (Select a report from the drop down list.)
  2. For standard transactions and systems reports, click or tap Information Reporting.
  3. The desired report page appears.
  4. In the Create New Reports column, click or tap the desired report. The desired report page appears.
  5. (Optional) Modify the report name.
  6. Click or tap File Format and selected desired file format.
  7. Click or tap Accounts. You can click or tap multiple accounts
  8. (Optional) Click or tap the desired date range. You can select specific dates or one of the following ranges:
    1. Last Business Day
    2. Last Week
    3. Last Month
    4. Last 30 Days
    5. Last 60 Days
    6. Last 90 Days
  9. Click or tap Transaction Type. Select a transaction type or click Select All to select all transaction types or Clear All to clear your selection(s).
  10. Click or tap Schedule to edit the schedule:
    1. None: Report is not on a schedule.
    2. Daily: Report is on a daily schedule.
    3. Weekly: Report is on a weekly schedule.
    4. Monthly: Report is on a monthly schedule.
  11. Click or tap one of the following:
    1. Run Now, to run immediately. A Run Report page appears confirming the report is now available.
    2. Save to save the report. The Report Scheduled page appears confirming that the report was scheduled.
    3. Cancel to cancel the report request.
  12. Click or tap OK on the confirmation page. The Reports page appears with the newly scheduled report.
  13. When the report appears, click or tap the File Format icon to see the report. The report appears. For large reports, an "In Progress" message will appear while the report is being generated.

Tip: The report will automatically run at the end of the business day for a Daily report and at the end of the week or month for Weekly and Monthly reports, respectively.

For the best video quality, click on the HD button next to the volume control. Select the 720p video or the highest quality video available.