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ACH Passthru

You can use ACH Passthru to load and submit complex balanced or unbalanced NACHA-format ACH files. The file that you select to upload should be a properly formatted NACHA-format file. The file can contain one or more batches. The file can include both debit and credit batches. Unlike other payment types, you do not need to specify an effective date for ACH Passthru files. Instead, you specify the exact date to process the file and begin sending it to the ACH system.

Importing an ACH File With ACH Passthru

  1. In the left navigation menu, click or tap on Move Money and select ACH Passthru. The ACH PassThru page appears.
  2. Click on the Import File field to select a file to upload. Locate the file to import and click or tap Open.
  3. (Optional) Enter a memo in the Memo field.
  4. Use the calendar to select a process date, click or tap the date to process the imported file.
  5. Click or tap Draft or Approve.

Caution: If errors are detected, a message appears on the screen indicating the errors.