How to Login and View Available Lockboxes

To log in and view your available lockbox transactions, complete the following steps.

  1. Use the following link to access the A/R Advantage System:

    Note: You will receive login information for each employee accessing the online site to view lockbox transactions.

  2. Enter the following information to log in to the Online Treasury Solutions system
    • Company User ID
    • Operator ID
    • Password
  3. Click the Login button

    Note: The first time you log in, you will be prompted to change your password and choose three security questions.

  4. Select the A/R Advantage tab on the upper left side of the screen
  5. After you click the A/R Advantage tab, a list of your lockboxes displays. The links correspond to the lockboxes to which you have access. If you have multiple lockboxes, they will all be listed on this screen.

    To view the activity in any of the lockboxes listed, click the appropriate lockbox number.

  6. The A/R Advantage Output List displays a dashboard view of work processed, including the number of checks processed and number of Correspondence Only items received.

    The A/R Advantage Output List includes the following information:

    • Date – This column provides the date of the deposit to assist in identifying work for the day. If there is no activity for the day, the date will appear after the work has been processed.
    • View Online Activity – This column provides you with a list of available web pages.
    • Search – This feature provides the ability to search for previously processed transactions.
    • View Spreadsheet – To download reports, utilize the Summary and Detail Spreadsheets.
      • Summary – The Summary Spreadsheet will display basic transaction information.
      • Detail – The Detail Spreadsheet will display any data entry if you elected to have additional information keyed.
    • Download to PC – This column displays the size of the file to download.
    • Status – For future use.
    • Total Amount – The total dollar amount of checks processed.
    • Num Checks – The quantity of checks processed.
    • Num Checks – The quantity of checks processed.
    • Num Corresp – The number of Correspondence Only items received.
    • Num Pages – The total number of scanned pages.